Printing Test Run

Since I got back from my trip, one of the many things on my to-do list has been finding the best method for printing my photographs. This is an important step in my goal to finally sell my work. Once you look, the options out there can be quite daunting. Where do I sell? Do I send my photos out to a print lab or do I print them myself? If I decide to print them myself, which printer and which paper should I use? Should I sell prints or framed prints? If I decide on framed prints, should I do the matting myself or…

And on and on. Probably enough decisions to make a really sweet flow chart infographic. Hmmm, now that I mention it, that does seem like a good idea. Add that to my to-do list.

Well, back to the subject at hand. Here is the end result of my first test run for the entire process.  These are 5x7 photos, double matted in nice simple 8x10 black frames. Two of the photos are from a print lab and the third photo I printed myself. Can you tell which is which?

There are a few more things I need to decide and research, but I am getting very close to having everything figured out.