Let There Be… A Website

Hooray!!  I've finally created, and actually published, a website.  Since graduating six years ago (time flies!!) I've tried at various times to create websites to show off my architecture and photography.  In fact, I have several folders on an external hard drive filled with incomplete Flash based websites, much like the Island of Misfit Toys.  Part of the problem with trying to make a website for architecture is you are never truly finished with the design and end up spending more time on it than on the actual website.  Couple this with the fact that I was not satisfied with the appearance of the websites I came up with, led to six years of having a website only in my mind.

As I got deeper and deeper into photography, the desire to get my work on the web renewed.  I stumbled across One Million Photographers and instantly knew what I wanted my website to look like.  The gallery style was perfect.  Very clean, simple and elegant.  Overnight I quickly drew up the following layout.

And the next day I attempted to write the code.  The result was horrible, at best.  Apparently the HTML course I took in middle school and 3 hours of online CSS tutorials did not make me a web developer.

I briefly thought about purchasing space on Smugmug or Zenfolio.  Although the integrated sales and print features were a huge plus, they couldn't overcome the absolutely dreadful galleries.  I would have to hire someone to code my website or find a WordPress theme that made me happy.

After looking, and looking, I found Photocrati, which got me pretty close to what I wanted, and gave me the ability to do online sales (eventually).  It took a few months of selecting photographs, post processing, categorizing, re-categorizing, abandoning categorizing, to arrive where I am today.

Well, that was the story about how I finally got my website out on the web.  Check back in the future for more interesting stories on how I created my website.  Just kidding, things will certainly get more interesting.  I intend to use this blog to share my photography, methods and travels.  So please do check back and share with others.

Addendum:  Since purchasing the Photocrati theme and creating my website, Smugmug has redesigned their gallery interface into exactly what I wanted.  Of course.